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1) At the JCPA Aviram Balleishe discusses ‘Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Jenin, Psychological Warfare, and the West’s Perceptual Failure’.

“Global public opinion has failed to perceive the conflict in Jenin as between IRGC trained and funded Palestinian terror operatives and the IDF. Instead, the success of the Palestinian and Iranian regime influence campaign is evident in the BBC’s reporting that “Israeli forces are happy to kill children,” as broadcast during former prime minister Bennett’s prime time interview.”

2) The ITIC reports on PLO efforts to convene an international anti-Israel conference.

“In recent months the PLO Anti-Discrimination and Apartheid Department, headed by Ramzi Rabah, a member of the PLO Executive Committee and a senior Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) figure, has been organizing an international conference against “Israeli apartheid,” expected to take place in South Africa at the end of 2023. According to the organizers, its objective is to “build a global front against ‘Israeli apartheid’ with extensive Arab and international participation, which will adopt an operational strategy and common vision for action to condemn and boycott the Israeli government and demand it be held accountable for its ‘crimes’ against the Palestinians, their land and their rights.””

3) At WINEP Ben Fishman looks at ‘The Rise and Immediate Fall of Israel-Libya Relations’.

“One thing is clear: the clumsy episode will set back Israel-Libya rapprochement for years, if it was ever in the cards. The question now is how long Dabaiba can survive, and whether this controversy will prompt a renewed push for elections.”

4) MEMRI reports on Hamas saber-rattling.

“Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Saleh Al-Arouri said in an August 25, 2023 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that a “total war” with Israel is inevitable, that the Palestinian people want such a war, and that that Hamas is preparing for it by meeting with all the “parties” that would participate in it. He said that in this war, Israel will not have the advantages it had in past wars with Arab armies, since it has these advantages in classical warfare scenarios, but not in unconventional warfare scenarios.”

5) Orde F. Kittrie and Bruce Rashkow analyse ‘The Pending Israel-Palestine ICJ Advisory Opinion’.

“Western interests in the case may appear limited to defending Israel, whose current government and policies regarding the territories are controversial. But the western allies in fact have their own additional fundamental national security interests at stake. Unless they take robust action in this case, the ICJ could not only eviscerate the sole agreed framework for achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace but also undercut the inherent rights of States to self-defense and sovereignty, undermine the UNSC’s authority to maintain international peace and security, and subvert the law of armed conflict (LOAC).”

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