Weekend long read

1) Writing at Quillette, Prof Gerald Steinberg discusses one of the BBC’s most quoted and promoted NGOs, Human Right Watch.

“How did this organisation, established to promote the principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, become a world leader in political propaganda, apparently willing to accept donations from some of the world’s most oppressive and brutal regimes? How did an initial emphasis on detailed and verifiable research reports on global human-rights issues degenerate into narrow political advocacy tracts?”

2) At the ITIC, Dr. Hayim Iserovich documents ‘the organizations that support Hamas and lead the anti-Israel demonstrations in the United States’.

“Since the beginning of Operation Iron Swords on October 7, 2023, pro-Palestinian demonstrations and rallies have been held throughout the United States on the streets of major cities, on the campuses of academic institutions and in public venues. The demonstrations are organized by groups which for years have been identified as pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic, opposed to Zionism and participants in the participate in campaigns of the BDS Movement against the State of Israel. The groups behind the protests expressed unashamed support for Hamas’ October 7 invasion and terrorist rampage and defined it as “legitimate resistance.””

3) At the Jerusalem Post, Seth Frantzman looks at claims in Houthi media.

“The Iran-backed Houthis are seeking legitimacy for their increased attacks on ships in the Red Sea. On Tuesday their media arm, Al-Masirah, published several articles trying to highlight their actions.

For instance, they claim that ships ignored their warnings, essentially blaming the victims of their attacks. The Houthis attacked three ships over the weekend and have attacked several other ships, as well as threatening the US Navy and hijacking one commercial vessel.”

4) At the JCPA, Dr Jacques Neriah discusses the Egyptian presidential election.

“Voting by Egyptians abroad began worldwide. Egyptians abroad vote by personally visiting the Egyptian embassies or consulates on the days specified for voting. Egyptians abroad will cast their votes over three days, while Egyptians inside the country will vote on December 10, 11, and 12. The result will be announced on December 18 if the race is decided in the first round. In the event of a rerun of the elections, elections will be held for Egyptians abroad on January 5, 6, and 7, 2024. Elections for Egyptians inside Egypt will be held on January 8, 9, and 10, and the results will be announced on January 16.”

5) At the INSS, Danny Citrinowicz analyses ‘Progress in the Iranian Nuclear Program Alongside the Israel-Hamas war’.

“While the international community is focused on attempts to end Israel’s war against Hamas, which benefits from support from the Iranian-led axis, a severe report published by the International Atomic Energy Agency ahead of an upcoming meeting of the organization’s Board of Governors indicates that the Iranian nuclear issue is far from resolved. It appears that Western nations, led by the United States, still seek a political solution to the problem. At the same time, the increased tension between Washington and Tehran and the fact that the United States is entering a presidential election year significantly reduce the chances of a political resolution that would halt Iran’s uranium enrichment progress.”

6) The FDD reports on the recent discovery of tunnel shafts in Jenin.

“Two terror tunnels shafts in the West Bank were uncovered during an overnight operation in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, said the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on December 6. Terror tunnels are used by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and to a limited degree by Hezbollah in Lebanon, but their use in the West Bank is a relatively new development.”


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