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1) The ITIC reports on The organizations leading the pro-Hamas demonstrations in Britain since the outbreak of Operation Iron Swords.

“Since Hamas’ terrorist attack and massacre in Israel on October 7 and the beginning of Operation Iron Swords, mass pro-Palestinian demonstrations against Israel have been taking place across the UK, where along with the calls for a ceasefire, the slogans “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “Globalize the anti-intifada” are chanted. The protest is jointly organized by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, the Muslim Association of Britain and the Palestinian Forum in Britain, all longtime pro-Palestinian groups that participate in Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) campaigns against the State of Israel and have clearly anti-Semitic positions.”

2) At the Alma Center, Tal Beeri explains how drug smuggling over the Syria-Jordan border has expanded to include weapons smuggling.

“People involved in the production, distribution, and smuggling of drugs are also involved in the smuggling of weapons and equipment into Israeli territory from Iran or Hezbollah via Syria, with a focus on Judea and Samaria. Even before the Gaza war, in July and August of this year, several standard Iranian weaponry smuggled into Judea and Samaria via Syria and Jordan were intercepted.”

3) MEMRI documents the Syrian president’s Holocaust denial.

“Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said that the Jews “who came to Palestine,” are pagan converts from Khazars, and not the People of Israel, in a December 18, 2023 speech posted on Syrian Arab news Agency on YouTube. He said that there is no evidence that six million Jews died in the Holocaust and that the Nazis did not employ a special method of torture or killing for the Jews, who were killed just like other victims of World War II. Al-Assad continued to say that the Holocaust was “politicized” and used as a false pretext to transfer the Jews from Europe to Palestine. He also claimed that America was the one who supported the rise of the Nazi in Germany between the world wars.”

4) The JCPA provides a study on the topic of ‘How Pro-Hamas Students for Justice in Palestine Hijacked U.S. Universities’.

“The slogan, “From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, Palestine will be free!” has been chanted by anti-Israel students on Western campuses for years. This slogan echoes Hamas’ ideology as reflected in its charter and statements of its leaders. The slogan means that Jews have no right to live in their own sovereign state and denies any Jewish link to the land. […]

In 2017, Hamas published a “political document” with 42 articles in which it reaffirmed that “Palestine, which extends from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean in the west and from Ras-al-Naqurah (Rosh Hanikra) in the north to Umm alRashrash (Eilat) in the south is the land and the home of the Palestinian people.” According to the document, which some Western analysts have falsely interpreted as a sign of “moderation” by the Islamist group, “Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.””

5) At the INSS Yaron Gamburg analyses the heightened antisemitism in the US, including on campuses.

“The heightened anti-Israeli and antisemitic hostility in the United States is rooted in radical ideological ideas that have spread across American society and the education system over the past two decades. Beneath these ideological shifts lies the practical adoption and implementation of ideas based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and radical beliefs about gender, social justice, and anti-colonialism in American public life, including in higher and public education systems.”

6) The Lawfare website discusses ‘How Iranian-Backed Militias Do Political Signaling’.

“Iranian-backed groups have used the Israel-Hamas war as justification for a number of strikes against Israeli and U.S. forces. Hezbollah fired on Israeli soldiers and struck targets in northern Israel. The Houthis launched missiles toward Israel and at American ships and downed an American MQ-9 Reaper drone flying over the Red Sea.”

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