Weekend long read

1) The ITIC reports on ‘The New Palestinian Authority Government’.

“The new government has 23 ministers, compared to 26 in the government headed by Muhammad Shtayyeh, and has representation for the Gaza Strip, Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem. Seven of the government ministers are from the Gaza Strip (currently staying in Ramallah), 14 from Judea and Samaria, and two are residents of east Jerusalem. There are four women in the government. Two ministers are Christians and the rest are Muslims. Most of the ministers are in their sixties. The vast majority have advanced degrees from universities abroad. Two of the members of the government, Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa and Ziad Hab al-Reeh, have political experience, but while all the other ministers have an impressive record in civilian and academic fields, they lack political experience.”

2) At the Atlantic Council, Raz Zimmt analyses the recent Iran-Israel escalation.

“Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel on April 14, in retaliation for an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria, represented the most dangerous round of conflict between the two countries in decades. This attack involved more than 350 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones.”

3) MEMRI reports on ‘The Involvement of Palestinian Authority Security Forces in Terror Attacks against Israel’.

“Over recent years, many members of the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces have turned their weapons on the Israeli security forces and even initiated shooting attacks against Israelis. After their death in these attacks, they have frequently been revealed to belong both to the PA security forces and to Palestinian terror organizations such as the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades  – the military wing of Fatah, the political party led by PA President Mahmoud ‘Abbas – or independent groups such as the Jenin Brigade and Lion’s Den in Nablus.”

4) At the Times of Israel, David Horovitz discusses ‘The goal of the campus Jew-haters’.

“While Jews have been celebrating the first days of Passover, the ancient festival of freedom, antisemites and their useful idiot collaborators on a swelling number of American university campuses have been rallying and issuing murderous threats in a strategic effort to end Jewish freedom, in the here and now, by destroying the world’s only Jewish majority state.

The underlying goal of the encampments and marches at Columbia, Yale, NYU and the other campuses is to render Israel indefensible — in both senses of the word.”

5) The Jerusalem Post reports on a recent statement made by a Fatah TV anchor.

“The Palestinian political faction Fatah charged on air that Hamas had deliberately killed aid workers, stolen aid and manufactured a food crisis in Gaza, according to a Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) investigation published on Sunday.

A Fatah TV anchor reported that Hamas had attacked aid workers, stolen food and water and caused food prices to skyrocket in the Gaza Strip…”

6) On May 5th, UKLFI will hold a webinar titled ‘Hamas Statistics – True or False?’.

“Grim statistics of Palestinian casualties in the current war in the Gaza Strip have been repeatedly reported in the media. They are having a major impact on public opinion, political discourse and legal proceedings, such as South Africa’s claim against Israel in the International Court of Justice for genocide. Reference is frequently made both to the overall total and the breakdown into men, women and children, with the implication that most of them cannot be combatants since they are women and children.

But are these figures true? A number of statistical analyses have been published indicating they are not true, including a recent article in Fathom Journal by Professors Tom Simpson, Lewi Stone and Gregory Rose. In this webinar two of the authors of that article will discuss the problems with the statistics and their legal implications with UKLFI Charitable Trust’s Legal Director, Natasha Hausdorff.”

Registration here.

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