Fluffy Fatah

Not content with advocating ‘One State’, yesterday Seth Freedman gave us ‘Fluffy Fatah’. The medium was Uri Davis, the (born Jewish) longtime anti-Zionist who has converted to Islam, married a Palestinian, lives in Ramallah and was recently elected to the Fatah Council.
So we get Davis’ ‘Chanumas’ version  of the Israel he wants: Israel “basically should be a binational state with some Jewish decorations: the Sabbath on the seventh day, road signs [in Hebrew], that kind of thing”, with the Arab state alongside it sporting a “mirror constitution”. Bit like Christmas with a kosher turkey, then. But not Pesach, at least not the Pesach most Jews know: “All of the Hagada story is ugly, ethnocentric, and celebrates collective punishment.”
Freedman tells us that Davis is “adamant that more Jews should join Fatah” (But we thought Davis was Muslim?) “in the same way that whites joined the ANC during the darkest days of apartheid; to him, ideas of religious loyalty should come a distant second to pursuing justice and equality…. it is clear that he at least is living out his vision of breaking down ethnic divisions and working towards a future of coexistence and tolerance between the two sides.”
Sounds so fluffy and interfaith, doesn’t it? Fatah as an encounter group, a dialogue group, an interfaith movement with coffee and biscuits ? Let’s all hold hands and sing ‘kumbaya’ – well, why not?
Well, let’s look at the recent Sixth Fatah General Congress, the first such Congress in twenty years. The only clear message was that, as with Hamas, elimination of Jewish sovereignty in the region remains its ultimate objective. In the elections, at number one with two-thirds of the vote was Abd al-Mahir Ghuneim. According to Barry Rubin (GLORIA Center, Herzliya) he is increasingly being spoken of as Abbas’s successor. Ghuneim is an unrepentant hardliner, an open opponent of the Oslo agreement. “If he becomes the leader of Fatah–and hence of the PA and PLO–you can forget about peace. Violent conflict becomes far more likely. Watch this man: he is the future of the Palestinian movement.”
Better buy some more whitewash, Seth …….

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