Biased Anti-Jewish Moderation in Action on the Hirsch Thread

Here are some prime examples of biased anti-Jewish biased moderation that caught my eye on the Hirsch thread.
First, there’s this from smtx01 with a comment that makes a very astute observation about CiF:

smtx01 30 Sep 09, 6:41pm
Being new to this forum, it seems very much like an ‘in club’, with ‘head boys’ and head girls’ ..people dont seem to be interested in serious debate, merely point scoring,schoolground insults and trying to win an arguement. I truly can not understand why the world is so insanely obssessed with Israel,

Of course being right doesn’t matter and I guess smtx01 is not familiar with the Guardian’s talk policy and its biased moderation policy against Jews because his/her comment was deleted.
And then there are these two from Fentonchem:

Fentonchem 30 Sep 09, 4:34pm
30 Sep 09, 4:21pm (1 minute ago)
Could you please lay out how the leaders of the Palestinians are ‘genocidal’ please?”
No actually, or rather, I can’t layout how the leaders of the ‘palestinians’ are genocidal on CiF.
If I were to link to the Covenant of HAMAS, my post would be removed.
If I were to link to the two PLO charters, my post would be removed.
If I link to the PA new, improved Charter, my post will be removed.
Indeed, any time I attempt to show that the leadership of the ‘palestinians’ are Arab and Islamic supremacists, by their own documents and statements, I fall foul of the moderators.

Fentonchem 30 Sep 09, 6:38pm

So, no actual genocide then? No actual crime for which anyone involved could be prosecuted under international law?”
Not at all Covenant, not at all. Both HAMAS and the PLO are in violation of
Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.
“Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”

Article 1
The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.

Article 3
The following acts shall be punishable:

* (a) Genocide;
* (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
* (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
* (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
* (e) Complicity in genocide.

HAMAS, Hezbollah and the PA are guilty of (b), (c), (d) and to (e); and have been unsuccessful in (a).
All this pissing around with international law is a joke when an actual festering amoral group flouts the 1948 convention.

Guess what?  Both deleted. Remember whatever you do don’t mention the Hamas Charter.
Then there’s this from zkharyauk which was completely deleted without trace:

zkharyauk 30 Sep 09, 6:27pm
So many European, American and Asian Christian and Muslims to arrest, who have killed far more with far less justification.
All those NATO countries killing civilians in Afghanistan, for, how many Afghani missiles on their towns and villages, exactly?
100 000s of civilians dead in Iraq, or Chechnya.
Yet the Israeli Jew is the one that really gets your juices going. Of course. We know. We know you have always been there, lurking in the slime.

And to add insult injury I see that PetraMB’s 3.28pm post has been deleted while Conor Foley is free to malign Harry’s Place as he does here and here.
And while the Guardian stamps out posts that are not aligned with the GWV, deletes pro-Israel comments, allows Harry’s Place to be defamed by one of its own contributors, it allows the following  blatantly antisemitic comment to remain unhindered on the thread with 13 recommends to boot:

clearvoice 30 Sep 09, 6:59pm
Of course he should be arrested and tried for his crimes. Whenever anyone dares to criticize Israel the charge of anti-Semitism is always trotted out by Israel and its apologists. All the time there are Jewish organizations like NETUREI KARTA that bravely demonstrate against the Israeli State. The activities of Jews against Israel are seldom reported in the Western corporate media perhaps from the same fear of being labeled anti-Semites. But how can orthodox Jews like NETUREI KARTA be called antiSemite? The racist apartheid state of Israel has for too long been given carte blanche for every crime against humanity imaginable, including its nuclear weapons development. It’s time action was taken against these criminals and arresting Ehud Barak would be a good start.

And this is no oversight because the immediately following comment by durgadurga has been deleted.

durgadurga 30 Sep 09, 7:01pm

This comment has been removed by a moderator. Replies may also be deleted.

Georgina, Matt and Brian – what do you have to say about this eh?
At 2.20pm London time on Oct 1, the clearvoice comment is still up with 18 recommends.

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