Mr. T for Tolerance

Apparently Richard Silverstein has been stirring up trouble at the J Street conference by having an audience member, Hillel Stavis, forcibly removed by security from the “Bloggers” panel.

Hillel Stavis runs a rather interesting website called JStreetJive that questions the “pro-Israel” nature of J-Street and it seems that Stavis’ crime was that he doesn’t quite share Silverstein’s enthusiasm for the pro-Israel, pro peace group.

Sounds like a rather familiar problem if you know what I mean.

Anyway, you can read Stavis’ version of the events at JStreetJive and watch the actual video over at Solomania.
And of course we’re eagerly awaiting Mr. Silverstein’s return to CiF so he can rejoin the ranks of Lerman and the Guardian’s other house Jews and help dig a bigger hole for the Guardian than they are already in.

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