I Wonder What She Said…

There’s something ironic when Alan Rusbridger’s daughter, Bella “eff me” Mackie, who is no less than a Guardian moderator, has a comment of hers deleted.

You’d think that after her recent outburst against Melanie Philips she would know better, but then again she has an important Daddy who no doubt will bail her out of this one again.
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Well lo and behold the mystery has been solved. Within a matter of hours of posting this, Bella Mackie’s deleted comment magically got reinstated. Funny that when you’re the daughter of the biggest wig at the Guardian! Here’s the reinstated comment:

Now for those of you reading this,  I’m sure like me you’re thinking to yourself what on earth is “Angrezistan”.
Well it turns out that Angrez means an “English person” in South Asian languages including Hindi and Urdu and the Guardian has even gone as far as to define the term in an article about “Hinglish” terminology. The suffix “stan” is well known for meaning “country” and as we know there are a number of countries in the Asian world that bear this suffix such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Therefore, the combination of “Angrez” (Hinglish for English) with the suffix “stan” (meaning country) would seem to be a pejorative sobriquet for “England” implying that England has been taken over by English people of South Asian descent.
Now that we understand that the term Angrezistan is a nasty racist slur, lets come back to Bella’s comment to understand the context in which it was made (because unlike a certain newspaper that Bella works for, we happen to believe context is important). She was responding to otmshank who said this:

By Bella responding with “No I like the name Angrezistan. It describes the local mood well.”, she is clearly suggesting that England has been taken over by English people of South Asian descent.
It bears emphasizing that Bella, a Guardian moderator and someone who is supposed to know that racist discourse is prohibited on CiF, was previously reprimanded for saying the following about Melanie Phillips, who ironically is author of the highly acclaimed Londonistan:

Incidentally Bella Mackie’s ad hominem attack on Melanie Phillips that caused so much controversy a couple of months back has still not been deleted by the Guardian.
So there you have it. Bella Mackie accuses Melanie Phillips of being a racist. Bella gets into trouble. Bella engages in the very discourse that she accused Melanie Phillips of. The moderators delete Bella’s comment (to save her backside). Bella is stupid enough to have it reinstated.

You couldn’t make this up even if you tried and the question I’m asking myself is – who does she take after more, the Mackies or the Rusbridgers?

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