Revisionism in Action

This is a guest post from Margie in TelAviv
IsraeliNurse’s  scholarly post discussed revisionism in the history of the Jews in the Middle East. If you wonder how this phenomenon comes about, there are very graphic examples daily on the Guardian’s CiF where lies, myths and exaggerations are encouraged and the truth is buried under deletions and sometimes even under “double deletions”.
Here is a pair of comments – the lies and the truth, the applauded and the deleted, respectively, on yesterday’s Tooth Fairy thread.
The first comment by the aptly named Sham 114 wrote a series of simplistic though blatant lies, based on who knows what, and the bigots’ brigade showered them with their approval – an ever growing number of ‘recommendations’ 30, 44, 48 at the last counting.

WatchyourSteps on the other hand wrote something less in tune with the GWV and garnered a summary deletion for pointing out the mass support among Palestinians of the murder of Yeshiva students at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva two years ago despite the fact that it was based on actual facts that could be verified by reference to a professional survey.

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