Check this comment out from Brian Whitaker from a thread a few days ago:

Is Whitaker seriously suggesting that Peres is more important than the Queen? What sneering condescension.

Has it escaped Whitaker that Israeli diplomats face far graver threats from a worldwide network of terror groups than that of the Queen? Only last month an attempt was made on the life of four Israeli diplomats in Jordan. And in Britain just two nights ago we had a chilling reminder of how serious the atmosphere of hate is in anti-Israel circles when a member of the audience at the Oxford Union called for “Death to the Jews” in Arabic during a talk by Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon.

As a supposed expert in the Middle East, you’d think that Whitaker would display a little more sensitivity to the threats faced by Israeli diplomats especially when only a few days ago in Whitaker’s own backyard there was a poster that advocated the execution of none other than Shimon Peres.
Then again when it comes to open calls for violence against the Jews its business as usual.

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