More Double Standards

As if any further proof was needed to demonstrate the double standards and duplicity of the Guardian’s  moderation there’s this undeleted comment from a regular anti-Israel poster, FalseConsciousness, in today’s Yigal Bronner thread.

Notice how FalseConsciousness defames the estimable Daniel Pipes, one of the foremost experts in radical Islam, with the slur of calling him “anti-Muslim”.
Now when the other day commenter, zazar, rightly condemned George Galloway and Ken Livingstone for being antisemitic, the Guardian moderators deleted the comment faster than you can say “Gorgeous George and Red Ken are antisemites”. To view the screen grabs of the before and after of zazar’s comment click here.
What’s more the deletion of zazar’s comment was made with the open endorsement of chief of thought police, Matt Seaton.

So where are you now Matt to delete FalseConsciousness’ comment? Or is libel just a one-way street?

And even if you now belatedly bother to delete False Consciousness’ comment (as often happens after we point out the numerous instances of anti-Jewish bias), it makes no difference because the evidence is here (like everywhere else in this website) for posterity where everyone visiting here can see that False Consciouness’ comment lasted an entire day, long enough to garner a whopping 75 recommendations.
A day and a half later the post is still there with 129 recommendations.

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