Who reads “Comment is Free”?

I was just over at TheBrothersofJudea website which tracks antisemitism in the Huffington Post and caught this:

Now I haven’t actually ever seen a reader link to Stormfront on “Comment is Free” (though I have seen links to a variety of far-right websites) and it got me thinking about whether Stormfront types are attracted to “Comment is Free”, a blog that is supposed to be the ideological opposite of the far-right.

It seems though that “Comment is Free” has developed somewhat of a following among the far-right.

For starters, we have a Stormfront member reprinting the modern day blood libel by Victoria Brittain who just a few months ago falsely accused Israel of being responsible for blue baby syndrome in Gaza:

Predictably, the article triggered comments like this from Stormfront member, zoomcopter (click on comment to enlarge):

But Stormfront readers are not only attracted to Guardian commissioned blood libels, they’re fans also of resident Theobald Jew, Seth Freedman. In the example below, we have a Stormfront member posting about Freedman’s article on the so-called anti-miscegenation squads.

It shouldn’t however come as a surprise that a Stormfront member picked up on this given the Nazi analogy in Seth Freedman’s ill thought out use of the term “miscegenation” which AKUS wrote in depth about here.

And over at Incogman, another popular neo-Nazi site, one of the readers clearly follows the threads of Seth Freedman by quoting one of the comments:

Then we have another Incogman reader who, putting aside the racism, asks a very poignant question in the first paragraph (the reference is to yet another Seth Freedman article by the way).

It seems that these neo-Nazis have a real thing for the Guardian’s Theobald Jews. Here’s a screenshot from the neo-Nazi website, Rense.

The link is to an article by the verstinkener Antony Lerman entitled “Diaspora Jews find their voice”.

Finally, we have a post by a Stormfront poster who follows “Comment is Free” by again quoting from a below the line commenter:

Incidentally, the reference in this post is to the Peter Preston article which got a mention the other day on CiF Watch. Notice how the sanitized title of Preston’s article ‘Israel barks, the US media wags its tail” gets translated in the Stormfront subject line to “Jews control the media, says former Guardian editor”.

What does the above tell us? Well, on the one hand it could mean that a handful of crackpots occasionally stop by to visit the most popular blog in the UK just like they may stop over at other news outlets. On the other hand, it could demonstrate that “Comment is Free” has some special allure to those who get a kick out of Jew-bashing, the ideological glue that binds the far-left and far-right together.

The BNP is already on record for advising its members to read The Guardian for information about “the Zionist cabal around President Bush” and on CiF Watch we have demonstrated that the far-left and far-right inhabit parallel universes when it comes to Israel, so whats to say that “Comment is Free” hasn’t developed a following, albeit a more low-profile one, among the far-right?

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