Guardian Recommends Blood Libel

Its not enough that “Comment is Free” obsessively publishes material painting Israelis, Jews and the state of Israel in the worst possible light,  “Comment is Free’ also takes to recommending similar such material in its so-called “Best of the Web” section on its home page.
Here’s a snapshot of what the Guardian is currently recommending:

As you’ll notice, item no. 2 on the list links to an article at  truthout called “Farming in Gaza is a kind of resistance“. If you click through, you’ll come to an article by Max Ajl who after setting the scene of Palestinian women tending to “golden bunches of lentils” near the Gaza border with Israel, makes the following unsubstantiated claim:

Or farmers try to plant seeds there, and instead of demolishing vegetation, the Israeli Army kills cultivators, lancing them from hundreds of meters away with sniper shots to their heads and necks. Many die this way, according to the major human rights organizations in the Gaza Strip.
We were there to escort them as they harvested their crops. The thinking is that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is less likely to kill peasants cultivating their crops in the presence of international witnesses.

The writer is clearly suggesting here that the IDF randomly takes pot shots at Palestinian civilians for target practice on a regular basis- and his evidence? Major human rights organizations say so. No link of course and no attempt to substantiate this bald faced attempt to once again slur Israel with a demonizing libel.

Why though a blood libel?
Well besides the fact that the fabricated allegation of the gratuitous murder of Palestinian innocents at the hands of Israelis amounts to a contemporary example of a blood libel, the accompanying image to the article shows blood splatter superimposed on an image of lentils as if to graphically drive the point home.

So in case you’re wondering who is Max Ajl, he apparently is a Jew heralding from Brooklyn that went to Jewish day school and is now based in Gaza/Egypt spending his days with ISM activists and running a blog called Jewbonics. Here’s a small excerpt from one of his recent blog posts:

Another cel­e­bra­tion of Israeli Inde­pen­dence Day. In New York, the Salute to Israel Parade is enlisting gullible kids from my ele­men­tary school to celebrate ethnic cleansing and politi­cide, giving them, once again, no hint that Israel Inde­pen­dence meant Nakba to the Pales­tini­ans, an intol­er­a­ble act that should be com­pen­sated in kind: return of the refugees. In Gaza, Israeli soldiers cel­e­brated Yom Ha’atzmaoot by tapping out some warning shots to terrify Pales­tin­ian pro­test­ers trying to assert their right to free movement within the Gaza pen­i­ten­tiary, keeping them well away from the dev­as­tated buffer zone that could be growing crops but instead is raw dirt littered with bits of metal, bundles of useless wire, and broken irri­ga­tion tubing, the exposed earth con­stantly eroding and bleeding its carbon into the atmos­phere.

A real modern day Theobald Jew.

And this is what the editors at “Comment is Free” see fit to recommend.
Says it all really doesn’t it.

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