From the absurd to the asinine

From comparisons to the Exodus we now have this, a comparison to Noah’s Ark.
I kid you not.

Well such a grotesque distortion really should not come as a surprise when Martin Rowson is the author of this cartoon (from 2006).

As Tom Gross commented back then:

Once liberal British newspaper, The Guardian, has, like much other coverage of Israel in the British media, a virulence which is hard to distinguish from outright anti-Semitism. This cartoon by Martin Rowson (July 19, 2006) is arguably anti-Semitic. Here Stars of David are being used as knuckle dusters on a bloody fist to both punch a young boy and to crush George Bush, the American president.

I guess if comparisons are to be made, then there’s always this:
Here’s a sample comment inspired by Rowson’s imagery:

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