Whose Guardian is it?

This is a guest post by Gili Brenner
CiF’s editorial, Gaza: State of Siege from last week, is yet another indication that if Hamas ever runs out of spokespeople, it need not worry – the Guardian, masked in a veil of intellectual liberalism and equipped with a distorted human rights agenda, is there for the rescue. Written from a position of unique bias, it becomes very unclear what or whom exactly the CiF is interested in guarding. Judging by the editorial, as it is caressing its own intellectual ego, CiF is not even remotely interested in the Palestinian people and their welfare.
Take, for example, the usual claim of scarcity in Gaza which the Guardian tirelessly makes. While the media is full of reports of well-stocked stores and markets (including the “careless” last 30 seconds of a video made by the Guardian itself), and of streets packed with vehicles, CiF repeats its very catchy mantra but seems to ignore one small thing – the truth. It also ignores the economic revival in the West Bank and the very inconvenient facts that life expectancy in both Gaza and the West Bank are higher, and infant mortality rates are lower, than in Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan. But CiF does not let facts confuse its subjective world in which CIA World Factbook is probably controlled by Zionists.
But Gazans and their welfare do matter for the Guardian. As the editorial highlights, the people have democratically elected Hamas and there is “no convincing evidence” it is losing support. I seem to have missed the latest popular talkshow or poll in which Gazans express trust in their regime as well as their agreement to having no election in the foreseeable future. The crushing of opposition and execution of alleged collaborators with Israel? Details. CiF has its reliable sources to distinguish between right and wrong – radicalized university students in London.
CIF’s support for a dark regime which openly declares its desire to destroy the state of Israel, as well as for IHH Turkish activists or for any group provided it is anti-Israel, is not a journalistic joke anymore. In the name of a self-righteous Israel-bashing – facts, people and the common good have become meaningless. Somebody over there must wake up and ask some serious questions: are we really acting in good faith and who are we guarding?

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