How the media has been “coping” with Israeli blamelessness

Excellent short summary by Carmel Gould aJust Journalism regarding how the “blame Israel first” crowd in the British media has “coped” with irrefutable evidence – concerning the recent flare up in the North – that Israel was in the right.

The Lebanon border clashes have provided us with an unusual case study opportunity: how do hostile elements of the media cope when Israel’s version of events is thoroughly vindicated? The answer seems to be: some better than others.

After the heated exchange of fire on Tuesday, four people were left dead: an Israeli colonel, two Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist. Lebanon claimed Israel had violated its territory and that its army fired warning shots which were answered with direct Israeli fire. Israel claimed that it had been carrying out maintenance on its own territory in co-ordination with UNIFIL and that the LAF opened fire at its soldiers first.

The following day, UNIFIL confirmed that Israel had been operating on its own side of the international border and the Lebanese army admitted opening fire at the Israelis firstto defend Lebanon’s sovereignty.”

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