Ahmed Moor: Destroy Israel! (Part 1)

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The odious Ahmed “One State” Moor is back again on the Huffington Post. This time his calls to destroy the Jewish state (and the Jewish state alone) are longer and louder than ever before. In his latest article, “Israel Cannot Be Both Jewish And Democratic,” he not only clearly demonstrates his profound hatred for “Zionism” and Israel but also demonstrates his ignorance on both of those topics. Not that I am entirely surprised, given that he is based in Lebanon and apparently has devoted his life to defaming Israel in any way he can.

Because this article is so revealing about the thought processes I’m going to cover the whole thing but in the interests of time I’ll start with this paragraph and write about the rest tomorrow morning:

“Zionism — the idea that Jewish people ought to have a Jewish state in mandate Palestine — is anachronistic in the 21st century. The idea that non-Jews who have lived on the land for generations before the creation of the state of Israel should be relegated to second-class citizenship because they’re not Jewish is illiberal. It’s also racist.”

So many responses…

1. Why is it “racist” for Jewish people to want to have a Jewish state but not racist for Palestinian Arabs to want a Palestinian state? What is the difference between those groups beside their name and religion? This is the one question that no anti-Zionist will be able to answer, because it means either endorsing a double standard against the Jews or admitting his or her hypocrisy.

2. Mr. Moor also does a great job setting up a strawman, another typical anti-Zionist tactic. Just because Israel is a Jewish state does not mean that non-Jews will have “second-class citizenship.” Italy was not created for Germans to live there but Germans immigrants enjoy the same rights. In fact according to Jimmy Carter, both Jews and non-Jews enjoy equal rights in Israel. Is Mr. Moor really going to claim he knows the situation better than Jimmy Carter?

3. Mr. Moor also misconstrues the history. The Palestinians have not lived on that land for “millennia,” not even according to themselves. There is evidence that a large percentage of them are recent immigrants, and in testimony before the Anglo-American Committee in 1946, for example, they claimed a connection to Palestine of more than 1,000 years, dating back no further than the conquest of Muhammad’s followers in the 7th century.

4. Finally, as for the claim that Zionism is “illiberal,” why don’t we ask someone who doesn’t have a rabid hatred of Israel and everything it stands for?

Tune in tomorrow. I’m just getting started.

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