What Harriet Sherwood’s new blog won’t report: Gaza rocket injures 3 in southern Israel

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Based on past experience with the Guardian columnist, we can expect Harriet Sherwood’s new blog, View from Jerusalem, to ignore the 3 foreign workers who were injured on Saturday when a mortar fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in the Sha’ar Hanegev region.

One of the foreign workers was in moderate-serious condition from shrapnel injuries to his chest. A second foreign worker was moderately wounded by shrapnel in his leg and a third was lightly wounded in the incident.


Shell landing site

Though Sherwood’s blog was just launched, she describes it as:

“…an extension of and complementary to my reporting for the Guardian, the Observer and guardian.co.uk.

So, though Sherwood also claims that “its not an opinion blog”, her first post “News Roundup from Jerusalem” makes it pretty clear what ideological territory Sherwood will be claiming, and I seriously doubt that the continuing threat to Israeli communities posed by enemy rocket fire from Gaza will be the focus of her musings.

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