When even the French criticize the Guardian’s coverage of Israel…

This is cross posted from our friends at Philosemitism, and reminds me of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes (Bear with me).

In the show, George pretended to be someone he didn’t know, named O’Brien, so he and Jerry could get a ride in a limousine, only to learn, while in the limo, that O’Brien was a notorious right-wing extremist who was scheduled to give a talk at Madison Square Garden, in New York City.  When they arrived at the location a crowd of anti-O’Brien protesters, police and the media, met their vehicle as George (O’Brien) tried to exit. One of the final scenes was a local TV newscaster, reporting live at Madison Square Garden, describing the events of the day, who characterized O’Brien as someone whose ideology was so hateful that “even David Duke denounced him as a dangerous extremist” – a line that came to mind as I read, with much amusement, the following account, by the blog Philosemitism, of how the French view the Guardian.

Yes, when even the French characterize your negative coverage of Israel as extreme, your institution clearly represents the nadir of anti-Israel journalistic bias.

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