Guardian “East Jerusalem” series features quote characterizing Israeli Jews as a “swarm of ants”

The Guardian’s “East Jerusalem” Video Series, in partnership with the NGO, B’Tselem, shows again why merely describing the Guardian’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as “activist journalism” simply doesn’t do justice to their ideologically driven agenda.  

Just as B’Tselem’s radical anti-Israel agenda  should remove any pretense that the group is a “humanitarian” NGO – B’Tselem’s Executive Director, Jessica Montell, has referred to Israel’s policy in the disputed territories as “worse than apartheid in South Africa” – the word “journalism’ should be excised from any mention of the Guardian’s coverage.  

The Guardian represents, quite simply, pro-Palestinian activism – anti-Israel activists who operate under the veneer of “journalism” to advocate for the Palestinian cause and agitate against Israel’s legitimacy.

Here’s a recent headline from one the installments in their new video series:

The video series doesn’t even nominally provide the Israeli view, accepts Palestinian claims at face value, and ignores the fact that the only reason “East” Jerusalem is referred to as “historically Arab” is because, from 1949 to 1967, when Jordan occupied that section of the city, the Jews living there were all expelled – that is, “ethnically cleansed” by the Jordanian authorities. 

The Guardian’s latest series also demonizes Jews who have moved into homes in the previously Jew-free neighborhoods of Jerusalem, ignores altogether the question of legal ownership of the properties in dispute, and, ultimately, represents nothing more than anti-Israel agitprop.

Jews who live in “East Jerusalem” are portrayed in video series as ugly, gun toting, “settlers”:

Palestinians featured in Guardian series are innocent, righteous, victims:

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