Hizb ut Tahrir to hold an International Conference in the heart of London’s East End

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It’s been a while since we heard anything from Hizb ut Tahrir, the guys who like to talk about such things as:

“purifying the earth of Jewish filth”

Essentially Hizb ut Tahrir are a radical Muslim group who dream of creating one Muslim government ruling the Middle East and essentially the whole world. They call this mythical Muslim empire the Khilafate. Their followers dream of the day when the Muslim armies will somehow arise and rid the world of Israel then take everything else for Islam. Terrorists the world over have been linked to them and they recruit rigorously on British campuses.

Naturally the Guardian gave their spokesman a forum to convince people that they would never do anything wrong to anybody.

They have been profiled by many different experts and the Tories were toying with the idea of banning them for a long time, particularly before they were in power.

Hizb ut Tahrir have regularly held conferences and demonstrations talking about their hatred for Israel, hatred of the United States, hatred for just about anything that has to do with freedom. Here they are holding a public meeting to express their outrage at the conviction of one Aafia Siddiqui who was one the FBI’s 7 most wanted terrorists at the time of her arrest.

Here they are demonstrating on the streets of London, note that there are quite a few of them:


Quite frankly they would be farcical if they weren’t so fully integrated into the process of radicalising young Muslims.

They have announced that they will be holding an International Khilafah Conference on the 9th of July in London at the Water Lilly, 69-89 Mile End Road, London, E1 4TT. It looks like a nice place from their website and I guess they don’t realise that they are hosting the closest thing to Al Qaeda that is legal in a free and democratic country. Or perhaps, like the Quakers of Friends House, they do and they just don’t care.

They haven’t said who is speaking at the conference but it turns out that Hizb ut Tahrir Australia is holding a conference of their own today where they promise to have “prominent local and international speakers” talking on such subjects as:

The Muslim World in the 20th Century: Totalitarian Western Oppression,
Western Endeavours to frustrate Muslim Revival,
An Ummah (Muslim Nation) of resistance and revival.

Here is their flier:

Hizb ut Tahrir Australia are particularly vitriolic when it comes to talking about Jews, and here is a quote from the site:

“O Muslims, O Armies that surround the Jewish entity,

How does the blood in your veins not boil whilst you witness the blood of your brothers being spilt? How do you remain silent upon your rulers whilst they do not call on you to fight your enemy who kills your brothers and exploits your land? How do you not fight your enemy but at the same time you fight your own people? Is there not a right-minded man amongst you who would stop these rulers who have sold the land and the people and facilitated for the colonialist disbelievers and the Jews to have authority and control in Palestine and its surroundings?”

How does this vitriol continue?

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