Eilat terrorist attack related conspiracy theory of the day, courtesy of Jody McIntyre

Jody McIntyre is the professional radical who lost his blog at the youth publication of Christian Aid (“CtrlAltShift“, which is now apparently defunct) in 2010 after suggesting a moral equivalence between the Nazi genocide against Jews and Israeli actions against Palestinian terrorists.

More recently, he lost his gigs at the Independent, Huffington Post, and Channel 4 for Tweeting encouragement for the UK Rioters, and has now offered his latest sage advice about the brutal terrorist attacks near Eilat today which claimed the lives of seven Israelis.

Today, he Tweeted the following:

Yes, the sage advice of Ilan Pappe, the universally discredited radical Israeli “historian” who advocates the end of the Jewish state, is championed by extreme left activist Jody McIntyre.

Jody McIntyre: Conspiracy theorist, anti-Israel activist, and proponent of violent, destructive riots on the streets of London.

His essay for Comment is Free in no doubt in the works.

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