Why do they hate the Jews? The Guardian and the toxicity of liberal racism.

Properly contextualizing the Guardian’s coverage of Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and and the politics of the Middle East, requires more than merely critiquing and fisking their reports and commentary regarding Israel.   An accurate understanding of the factors which inform the Guardian’s obsessive criticism of the Jewish state also demands an accounting of what they don’t report about the wider region. 

As such, their silence in the face of endemic Muslim antisemitism – including in the Palestinian Authority –  speaks volumes about the rigidity of their ideology, and the lengths to which their commentators and journalists will go to avoid facts which contradict their guiding political narrative of Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians, and the larger (Islamist) Arab word.

While every illiberal act or view exhibited and expressed by individual Israelis – now matter how marginal – is magnified by the Guardian and framed as indicative of Zionism’s essence, undeniable evidence that reactionary, racist views about Jews (and not merely Israelis) represents normative Arab mores is almost never explored.

The most egregiously flawed moral reasoning which informs much of the Guardian’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian (and Israeli-Islamist) Conflict is the implicit argument that Zionism (the presence of one majority Jewish state in the Arab/Muslim world ) causes antisemitism. 

Of course, even if this causation was accurate it wouldn’t excuse Jew hatred, any more than the behavior of Muslim terrorists would morally excuse Western anti-Muslim racism.

Moreover, the fact that annihilationist Islamic antisemitism predates Israel’s occupation of the West Bank – and indeed predates the existence of the modern Jewish state – suggests that such ferocious animosity represents the root cause of the conflict.

Beyond the Guardian, even liberal Jewish commentators who aren’t anti-Zionists – such as Peter Beinart and Thomas Friedman – frame every Israeli home built across the Green Line as a catastrophic “impediment to peace” and yet possess an inexplicable moral blind spot when it comes to a culture of Muslim antisemitism which historian Robert Wistrich has characterized as comparable to Nazi Germany“.

If Muslims were held to the same moral standard as Jews the following video would not only go viral, but cause genuinely liberal commentators to express the passionate moral outrage typically expressed when encountering evidence of Western racism.

But, we clearly don’t live in such a world. 

The harm to Israel (and the future of democratic values in the Middle East) caused by such liberal racism, which demands that the following chilling Jew hatred will never become part of the West’s meme, is incalculable.

(Click image to go to MEMRI video)

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