Guardian Warning: 24 hrs in photos gallery contains ‘highly distressing’ [& HIGHLY misleading] images

If you happened to come across the Dec. 28th edition of the Guardian’s 24 hours in pictures” (A selection of the best images from around the world), you would have been warned in advance by editors that “this gallery contains images that some viewers may find distressing.”

Indeed, the fifth photo is quite disturbing, as it shows a dead Palestinian man.

The caption noted:

Gaza Strip: People stand next to the body of a Palestinian killed in an explosion. (Photograph: Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

My first thoughts upon reading the caption were that, by explosion, they either were referring to one of those euphemistic terrorist “work accidents” in Gaza, or, rather, a strike by IDF forces against terror targets in the Strip.  However, regarding the latter possibility, it seemed quite strange that the Guardian would miss an opportunity to assign blame to Israel by use of such vague language.  

So, upon searching the image I quickly was able to learn the identity of the Palestinian in the photo.

He appears to be Abdullah Telbani, a Global Jihad, Al Qaeda-affiliated, terrorist.

Reports suggest that Telbani was killed by IDF forces before he could carry out a terrorist attack from the Egyptian Sinai, as well as with rocket and IED attacks along the Israeli-Gaza border – an attack which was believed to be imminent.

A Reuters account similarly characterized Telbani as being “linked to a loose network of ultra-conservative Salafis who profess allegiance to al Qaeda.”

One report noted that Telbani saw Hamas as too moderate, “and…at times chafed against Hamas ceasefire efforts.”

Here’s another picture of Palestinians carrying a dead body identified as Telbani, and one more, here.

Further, if you Google the photographer with his new organization, “Mohammed Salem Reuters“, you’ll find that Salem is a photo activist who specializes in glamorizing Palestinian terrorists. 

So, no doubt, the average Guardian reader, per the photo, likely either was unclear about the circumstances of Telbani’s death by “an explosion”, or, more likely, assumed that Telbani was simply another Palestinian (possibly civilian) victim of Israeli military aggression.

Of course, if the editor who wrote the caption took his journalistic responsibilities seriously, the caption would have had to include something like this:

“People stand next to the body of an Al-Qaeda affiliated Jihadist, whose plans to kill innocent Israelis in a cross border terror attack were thwarted by the IDF.”

However, as such text would clearly be inconsistent with the Guardian narrative on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a deliberately vague and highly misleading caption had to suffice.


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