Zionist Floral-Washing? A CiF Watch critic’s query on ‘Israeli Occupied’ Palestinian flowers

As loyal followers of this blog know, we have been publishing “Postcards from Israel” each Friday for the past few weeks, posts based on photos taken by Israelinurse  – virtual trips to different destinations, highlighting the diverse and eclectic beauty of the country.

Here’s a photo from the most recent edition on Israeli wild flowers.

Yet, despite the completely apolitical nature of such posts, one of our blog’s critics’ (who lurks beneath the line using the moniker “mostly harmless”) had this to say regarding the photos from the latest post.

Yes, clearly mostly harmless was able to see through Israelinurse’s supremely cynical Zionist hasbara tactic of FLORAL-WASHING.

Moreover, our critic’s query does raise some interesting questions which, though beyond my expertise, UNRWA’s Chris Gunness may wish to address – such as:

What is the precise population of indigenous Palestinian flora (and their descendants)?

Do they have a ‘right of return’?

And, finally, how many flowers, given the forced seed dispersal following the 1948 War (aka, the Plantae Nakba), can legitimately claim refugee status?

I imagine that such previously taboo discussions regarding Israeli cruelty will now give way to a new BDS protest movement.

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