Prepared talk by US State Dep’t consultant in Qatar: On racist, skinhead-embracing Jewish state

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, addressing the International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem in Qatar on Sunday called on Muslims to go to Jerusalem and confront Israel’s accelerated efforts to “Judaize the city”.

The conference’s aims, per their website, includes

…pointing out the weaknesses of the Jew’s historical arguments backing their claims to the holy city. Of paramount importance is the disclosure of Israel’s deeds at falsifying History and archeology by means of destruction, omission, modification and fabrication of historical and archeological facts.

Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, at Qatar Jerusalem Conference

That there is yet another coordinated effort by the Arab world to delegitimize Israel and erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem isn’t at all surprising. 

However, included in the list of conference participants – a who’s who of Arab leaders, Islamists, and others committed to the end of the Jewish state – is an American named Kenneth Raymond Insley, described as a consultant for the U.S. Department of State.

Insley’s LinkedIn profile notes that he is currently Director of Public Diplomacy at Capital Communications Group, Inc, (CCG) which, according to their website, “organizes briefings, workshops and seminars on the structure of U.S. government…with special emphasis on foreign, defense and trade policies.”

Among the clients CCG highlights (which include several Arab governments, as well as the PLO Mission in Washington, DC) are quite a few U.S. government agencies and departments, including the Department of State.

The following are Insley’s prepared remarks for the original Qatar Jerusalem conference which was to take place in February 2011postponed till this week due to the political upheavals in the region erupting at the time:

“Most Americans are unaware of the impact its overwhelming support for Israel, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to their shameful treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, and in Jerusalem, has caused their country be viewed more negatively in the Arab world than all the positive contributions it has done for the Arab world combined.”

Other passages in Insley’s speech include the suggestion that “US politicians care more about Israel than the foreign policy interests of their own country” and the argument that the US “blindly supports Israel no matter which government is in power”.

Insley also warned, darkly:

“It is now well understood by almost everyone that either Israel will cease to be a democratic state, or a Jewish one, because it can’t have both without the creation of a Palestinian state…or it will lead to Armageddon.”

Here are other passages from Insley’s prepared remarks, as they appear in context, from the online Google document:

Insley then added:

“Perhaps it is understandable to be perceived as racist when you are considered by some in the world to be God’s own ‘chosen people’…” 

Finally, Insley noted in his speech that he has, for the past decade, “coordinated international exchanges with State Department delegations”.

Evidently the style of hateful, demonizing vitriolic rhetoric about Jews and Israel which is endemic in the Arab and Muslim world has gained a foothold in Washington, DC.  

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