My interview published in the London Progressive Journal: On Judaism, Zionism, (& Legos!)

The following represents the most unusual interview I’ve ever given.  While the bulk of the questions themselves were not especially unusual (which included topics such as Zionism, my life in Israel, and Judaism), the methodology employed by my interviewer, Patrizia Bertini (A PhD student at LSE) was, as you’ll see, a bit, let’s just say, experimental.  

Note that the free wheeling, unstructured nature of some of my answers reflect the unorthodox (though quite interesting) nature of Ms. Bertini’s questions.

I’ll post the interview from the journal as screen shots to provide an accurate sense of the method employed.

One final note: The London Progressive Journal, where the interview was published, is very far left. To Ms. Bertini’s credit, her quite politically charged questions were asked very respectfully, without bias, and published by LPJ largely unedited.

(There are a couple of typos. For instance, contrary to the introduction, I’ve been managing editor at CiF Watch since July of 2010. Also, where it reads, “Arab economic rise”, near the bottom, it should read, “Arab economic boycott”. Finally, the word “hospital” should read “hospitality”. In fairness to Ms. Bertini, though she is quite fluent in English it is not her first language.)

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