Guardian/Reuters suggests Palestinian terrorists weren’t buried by Israel with proper dignity

The first sentence in the 2nd passage of a Reuters/Guardian story about Israel’s decision to return the bodies of 80 Palestinian suicide bombers who murdered dozens of Israelis to the PA, Israel returns bodies of Palestinian militants, May 31, is remarkable.  

The report begins:

Israel has transferred to Palestinian authorities the bodies of dozens of Palestinian militants, saying it hoped the move would help restart peace efforts.”

Now, here’s the second passage:

“The militants had been buried, some of them for decades, in a desolate Israeli military cemetery for “enemy combatants” in the occupied West Bank. They included several suicide bombers.” [emphasis added]

These murderers of innocent Jews evidently weren’t afforded the dignity owed to them.  

And, if the narrative needed any further moral framing, here’s the photo accompanying the text.

Viewing the family of a Palestinian suicide bomber (Samer Hammed), you’d almost think they were mourning an innocent victim, rather than the cold-blooded killer who blew himself up near Tel Aviv’s central bus station in March 2006 in hopes of murdering as many Israelis as possible.

Ten civilians died in the blast.

Does the family of Samer Hammed carry with them any hint of remorse over the unimaginable grief Hammed’s cruelty wrought?  

Did Reuters or the Guardian even consider illustrating their story with a photo such as this?

At the funeral for David Shaulov, (one of Hammed’s victims), his mother, Irena, left of center, embraced his grief stricken pregnant wife, Radmila

David Shaulov
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