Guardian story on Alice Walker elicits support by readers for Israel – Nazi analogy

Our last post was inspired by a June 20th Guardian report on Alice Walker’s decision not to permit her book ‘The Colour Purple’ to be translated into Hebrew. Moreover, as we noted, Walker isn’t merely a proponent of BDS, but has characterized many of the state’s Jewish citizens as KKK-style racists, and Israel more broadly as morally beyond the pale.

As we noted, Walker even employed a not so subtle Israel-Nazi analogy in a prior Guardian piece defending her decision to participate in the pro-Hamas flotilla in 2011.

Sure enough, a few readers of the Guardian piece posted comments below the line which echoed Walker’s obscene Nazi narrative of the modern Jewish state.

The Israeli right has adopted Nazi ideologies of race (40 Recommends):

Nazi analogy has the tragic ring of truth (11 Recommends):

Jews in Israel learned wrong lessons (Nazi racial theories) from Holocaust (10 Recommends):

As of this post these comments have not been deleted by CiF moderators.

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