Guardian reader comment of the day: On the trolling & strange beliefs of CiF Watch conspirators

Bella Mackies latest installment in her ongoing series of posts asking readers what subjects they’d like ‘Comment is Free’ to cover, published on July 13, received over 900 comments.

However, one comment in particular caught our eye, and has not yet been deleted by moderators despite egregiously violating the First ‘Comment is Free’ Commandment: Thou shall not make reference to, or in any way acknowledge the existence of, CiF Watch.

Where to begin?

Well, I certainly would welcome a Guardian “investigation” into our secret CiF Watch society.

In fact I think they should assign one of their top reporters (among those who are still left at the paper after their next round of layoffs) to attempt to answer, per the comment above, the following questions:

  • How many CiF Watchers in the world are there, and what is the extent of their trolling penetration?
  • Who allowed Adam Levick to go on Israel national radio, and how damaging was his appearance (and the advice given to fellow Zionist commenters) to the overall integrity of ‘Comment is Free’?
  • Why are CiF Watchers so furtive about their “strange beliefs” concerning Comment is Free‘s role as a major disseminator of antisemitic thought in the UK?

I’d be more than willing to be interviewed by Harriet Sherwood in “West” Jerusalem (or even in Tel Aviv, our nation’s capital) and, on the record, answer these questions, thus revealing to the Guardian coven, once and for all, the full extent of CiF Watch’s global philo-Semitic subterfuge.

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