BBC’s Jon Donnison gets yellow card

BBC Watch can report that at the hearing held on Wednesday, November 28th 2012 at the Government Press Office, Jon Donnison and the head of the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau, Paul Danahar stated that an apology had already been made – as required – to BBC readers for Donnison’s retweet of unverified and misleading material and that the incident was a mistake. 

Jon Donnison received a formal warning and was informed that any future transgression may result in the GPO exercising its right to confiscate his Press Card. 


The wording of this post was amended shortly after its original publication in order to correct an error of comprehension whereby BBC Watch had understood that Jon Donnison and Paul Danahar had apologised for the former’s retweet of a falsely-captioned photograph, during the hearing at the GPO. 

However, it transpires that no such apology was made – a point which, for reasons best known to themselves, the BBC apparently feels extremely compelled to make perfectly clear. 

Some, of course, may find it odd that whilst the BBC can make mistakes, others “lie”.


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