BBC World Service quotes unidentified “some who say”

Here is an interview with MK Dr Einat Wilf and Danny Dayan of the Yesha Council which was broadcast on the BBC World Service’s “Newshour” programme on December 3rd


In the introduction to the item the presenter states:

“There are some who say that Israel made its announcement about building three thousand new housing units in occupied Palestinian territory last Friday in order to escape the predictable international censure, given that Israeli government offices close early on a Friday.”

Of course we are not told who “some” are, or on what basis they “say” what they are reported to have said, or why they apparently failed to notice the rather relevant point that the UN GA vote which preceded the Israeli government’s announcement took place the previous night – and that Thursdays inevitably come before Fridays. 

Was the urge to get in a gratuitous, unsourced, fact-free jibe implying Israeli deviousness just too much to resist?

And here is MK Wilf again, on the BBC World Service’s World Have Your Say programme from November 30th, taking part in a ‘balanced’ debate with no fewer than three Palestinian representatives.

Note presenter Ros Atkins’ erroneous use of the term “pre-67 borders”, together with his failure to correct inaccurate terms such as “apartheid wall” or to challenge historically incorrect statements such as “on only 22% of what is rightly ours”. 


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