Upcoming BBC programmes

Readers may like to have prior notice of a couple of Middle East-related BBC programmes scheduled for Sunday, December 23rd 2012. 

At 09:00 GMT on BBC 1 (and again on BBC HD on Sunday, December 30th at 18:00 GMT), the first of a two-part documentary entitled “In the Footsteps of St Paul” with actor David Suchet will be shown. 

“In this first episode, David visits Jerusalem to discover Paul’s early life as a devout Jew and his subsequent, life-changing, conversion to the new Jesus Movement.”

Suchet prog

Also on Sunday, December 23rd 2012, at 19:00 GMT on BBC Radio 2, Hardeep Singh Koli will be presenting a programme entitled “Follow the Star” . 

Hardeep Singh Kohi prog

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