A Jew, a jihadist and the Guardian: A brief illustration of photographic sympathy

Yesterday, April 30, we posted about a report by Harriet Sherwood on the murder of an Israeli man, 32-year-old Evyatar Borovsky, by a Palestinian terrorist affiliated with Fatah in a stabbing attack at a bus stop at the Tapuach Junction, in the northern West Bank. The report also noted that, on the same day, Israeli forces killed a jihadist bomb-maker and arms dealer in Gaza named Hitham Ziyad Ibrahim Mishal, who was believed to be responsible for a recent rocket attack on Eilat.

Mishal was active in multiple Salafi-jihadi organizations, and reportedly “dealt in the manufacturing, upgrading and trade of firearms, rockets and bombs, which he delivered to various terror organizations.”

Sherwood’s report in the Guardian was entitled ‘Israeli security forces deployed in West Bank after settler is stabbed to death and included this photo depicting grieving Palestinians in Gaza:


Here’s the Guardian caption:

A Palestinian boy, right, mourns as men comfort a relative during the funeral of Hitham Masshal, whose body is being carried in the background, in Gaza City’s al-Shati refugee camp. Photograph: Mohammed Salem/Reuters

While certainly not at all surprising, it’s important nonetheless to note that Guardian editors did not show the following photo, which was published elsewhere in the media, showing three of Evyatar Borovsky’s surviving children at his funeral yesterday.

kids-635x357There is another even more heartbreaking photo online of one of these young boys – arms wrapped around his father’s coffin – which we will not show. However, if you’d like to learn more about the life of Evyatar Borovsky (and his widow, Tzofia) you can see the following reports.

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