Nine year-old wounded in attack in Psagot: BBC silent

At around 21:00 on the evening of Saturday, October 5th, a nine year-old girl named Noam Glick was attacked by a masked man outside her home in Psagot in the Binyamin area. 


She was evacuated to hospital in Jerusalem where she underwent surgery during the night. The village of Psagot was placed under lock-down, with residents confined to their homes for several hours whilst soldiers searched the area to ensure that the terrorist was not still at large and a breach in the fence surrounding the community was later found.

Over twelve hours later, there was still no mention of the incident on the BBC News website’s Middle East page, which was updated on October 6th at 07: 57 GMT, at 09:52 GMT, at 10:10 GMT and again at 13:05. 

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The day after the incident, October 6th, a message praising the attacker was posted on an official Fatah Facebook account. Despite the fact that the head of Fatah is also the president of the Palestinian Authority and chairman of the same PLO which is currently conducting negotiations with Israel, the BBC apparently does not find this story newsworthy. 


The details of the Fatah Facebook posting are now available in English – see here.


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