Guardian thinks life for Israelis under fire is a day on the beach

An entry at the Guardian’s Live Blog on the Gaza War, at roughly 18:00 (Israeli time), provided a wonderful illustration of a tendentious photo choice clearly illustrating the media group’s bias.
The following photos were posted without comment by the blog’s editor, Matthew Weaver:
Naturally, the Guardian photo caption in the final photo fails to note that the destroyed car reportedly belonged to a Hamas fighter, as the original caption at Demotix even noted.
Moreover, the editorial decision by the Guardian editor (presumably Weaver) to contrast the two photos of Gaza with the one taken in Israel – of two Israelis on a beach – couldn’t be more obvious.
In reading the Guardian blog, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that over 200 rockets have been fired at Israel since yesterday, that 3.5 million Israelis are within range of Hamas rockets, that residents of all cities within 40km from Gaza are under instructions from Home Front Command to be close to a bomb shelter, and that Hamas admitted today that their rocket attacks are targeting Israeli civilians.
The threat of Hamas rocket attacks aimed at Israelis civilians – a war crime according to international law – explains the following still shot from a video shown on Israeli TV recently – an image which will never find its way on the pages of the Guardian.
alt photo
 As Times of Israel reported, “the premature babies in the Beersheba Soroka Medical Center were transferred last night to a ward that doubles as a bomb shelter ahead of further rocket attacks”.
While the IDF limits its strikes to terrorists, terror command centers, rocket launchers, and other terrorist facilities, for Hamas all Israelis – even babies – are clearly fair game. 

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