Now, Times of London gets it wrong on honor bestowed to Muhammed Abu Khdeir

Recently, we commented on an April 22 Guardian story about a request by the parents of murdered Palestinian teen Muhammed Abu Khdeir to erase his name from a Jerusalem monument for terror victims.
The article falsely claimed that the original decision by Israeli authorities to include Abu Khdeir was the first time that a Palestinian killed by Jewish Israelis had been listed on the terror victims’ memorial at Mount Herzl. We noted in our post that CAMERA’s Israel office recently prompted a correction at Times of Israel to the exact same claim about Abu Khdeir.
CAMERA, in their post on the Times of Israel claim, noted the following:

A brief search reveals that there are [a few] more Arabs killed by Jews whose names appear on the Har Herzl memorial. They are Michael Bachut, 55, of Shfaram, shot to death on Aug. 4, 2005 by Eden Natan Zada (plaque 63 on the memorial) and Hamis Eyob 32, of Shuafat in Jerusalem, murdered by Jewish passengers in his taxi April 23, 1985 (plaque 50).
In addition, Muhammed Abed Rabba, 23, of Tsur Bachar, in Jerusalem, killed April 25, 2002, by Israeli soldiers who mistakenly thought him suspicious, also appears on the Herzl memorial for terror victims (plaque 72). And, Samir Akram Balbisi was killed by Jack Teitel in 1997.

Shortly after our office contacted the Guardian, alerting them to the error, they revised the article accordingly.
Now, Times of London (The Times) has made the exact same error. An article by Abeer Ayyoub (Name of Arab boy taken off Israeli shrine, April 23) included the following claim:
We’ve contacted Times of London editors seeking a correction to this false claim. 

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