Times of London journo buys into Amnesty’s latest anti-Israel smear

Earlier we posted about a Guardian report which legitimized baseless accusations that Israeli police are planting knives on innocent Palestinians after summarily executing them.  

Additionally, a new Amnesty International report on Israel buttresses this Palestinian ‘narrative’ in a report which suggests a “clear pattern…of lethal force being used unlawfully by Israeli forces” against Palestinians.

amnesty snippet
Passage from Amnesty report

As NGO Monitor and the blogger Elder of Ziyon demonstrated, however, the Amnesty report relies almost exclusively on anonymous testimony, and presents nothing in the way of hard evidence to support its allegations.

Evidently, Times of London journo David Aaronovitch is among those who uncritically accept the claims of such egregiously biased NGOs, as he wrote the following in an article which actually condemned, as divisive and anti-peace, efforts to boycott Israel.

…for all the defeats of those pressing for a new Oslo, arguing for new talks (yes, including Hamas if necessary), no more settlements and an end to violence, there was always the fact that both peoples still said they wanted peace. Led properly, their latent common sense and desire to live side by side would win out. 

Now even that has gone. Instead we have the stabbing intifada, the most intimate form of murder, designed to make the ability even to coexist in the same street impossible. Now Israeli security forces, as documented by Amnesty this week, seem ready to kill anyone suspected of carrying a knife.

Of course, the charge that Israeli security forces are nonchalantly killing any Palestinians even “suspected of carrying a knife” is smear against police and soldiers who are trying to defend against ongoing – extremely welldocumented – attempts by terrorists to stab and hack Jews to death.

If Aaronovitch was truly interested in advancing peace, he would support Israeli efforts to defend itself against such extremists, and certainly wouldn’t be parroting the bigoted caricatures of the IDF continually evoked by NGOs and anti-Israel news sites 

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