Where do ISIS related indictments make BBC news – and where not?

On December 8th the BBC News website reported that four residents of Luton, UK, had been charged with “encouraging support for the so-called Islamic State group”.  

“Mr Alamgir is charged with four counts of addressing a meeting, the purpose of which was to encourage support for IS, contrary to s12(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Mr Bashir has been charged with one count of the same offence.

Mr Rahman, meanwhile, is charged with three counts of arranging, managing or assisting in arranging or managing a meeting which he knew was to support IS, contrary to s12(2) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Mr Khan faces one count of arranging, managing or assisting in arranging or managing a meeting to encourage support for IS, and another count of addressing a meeting with the intention of encouraging support for IS.”

On the same day, five residents of Nazareth were also indicted on similar charges as well as the illegal possession of weapons.

“Israel has arrested five Israeli Arabs from Nazareth on suspicion of supporting the Islamic State and preparing to carry out terror attacks, the Shin Bet security service announced Tuesday. […]

The five relatives held secret meetings and trained in the use of weapons ahead of planned attacks in Israel, according to the Shin Bet. Over the past year, the suspects became more religious and expressed support of the Islamic State and the so-called jihad against apostates. […]

Two rifles, a Russian SKS and a Swedish Carl Gustav were also confiscated in the arrests, after the suspects revealed the weapons’ whereabouts. According to the security service, they practiced using the guns in a grove not far from Nazareth.

The police’s Northern District filed indictments against all five men at the Nazareth District Court on counts of illegal possession of weapons, supporting an illegal terror group and meetings held in support of an illegal organization.”

As in previous similar cases, the BBC did not find that story newsworthy but a similar story from Australia two days later did receive coverage. 

Another recent ISIS related story also apparently escaped the BBC’s attention.al Menei

“The commander of Islamic State forces in the Sinai is currently on what was intended to be a secret visit to the Gaza Strip, meeting with Hamas terror leaders to widen their cooperation and coordinate attacks on Egyptian and Israeli targets, Israeli television reported Thursday.

Shadi al-Menei is meeting with leaders of the Hamas military wing, and discussing the ongoing supply of weapons sought by Hamas, the Channel 2 TV report said.

For its part, Hamas has smuggled weaponry from Gaza to al-Menei’s terror group in Sinai, including Cornet anti-tank missiles, which have caused heavy losses to Egypt, including considerable loss of life, at least one naval vessel and numerous tanks and armored personnel carriers, Channel 2 news said.”

With the BBC having reported al Menei’s demise in May 2014, one might have thought that this report would have aroused its interest.

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