Curious retweet by Financial Times journo reveals media blindspot on terror

Terror returned to Jerusalem earlier this afternoon, when 2 Israeli policewoman were wounded by three Palestinians – reportedly from the town of Qabatiya in the Jenin area – who stabbed and shot them outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

One of the policewoman, age 20, was listed in critical condition with multiple stab wounds to her neck.

Israeli security forces shot killed the attackers shortly after the assault.

Now, here’s a retweet by Financial Times Jerusalem correspondent John Reed, representing his sole tweet in response to the terror attack. (The original tweet was by Ofer Zalberg.)

john reed


Reed’s retweet is quite curious, to put it mildly.

First, it’s “risky” for whom? Such attacks of course seem most “risky” for the Jewish targets of such terror.

Our guess is that the three Jenin-based terrorist conspirators who carried out what was in effect a suicide attack – designed to murder as many Israelis as possible – likely weren’t concerned with the economic impact of their actions, anymore than PA leaders who engage in incitement are worried about what such violence will do to the ‘peace process’ 

The antisemitic rage which fuels such attacks – which are wildly popular in Palestinian society – is not, despite the recent comments by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, tempered by “humanistic” values or rational self-interest.

Until foreign journalists covering the region begin to take Palestinian racism and their culture’s glorification of violence seriously, news consumers will continue to be misled as to the true ‘root cause’ of the latest wave of terror.

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