Earlier in the month, we commented on a Daily Mirror photo essay on the “tunnel children” of Gaza, “brave youngsters” who, we were told, keep the economy in the Hamas run enclave going.  

Daily Mirror’s “Tunnel Children”

The piece, we noted, was in some sort of time warp, as Egypt destroyed most of the tunnels in 2013 and 2014, collapsing what was known as the “underground Gaza economy”.  Sure enough, when we did a search, it turned out that all of the tunnels depicted in the series were first published in a 2013, a fact not revealed by editors.  

We complained to Daily Mirror editors, arguing that readers were grossly misled by their decision to recycle a story from four years ago and published it as if it were current.  After several emails to editors without a response, we complained to Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) under the terms of the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code.  IPSO gave the Daily Mirror an opportunity to respond to our complaint, but editors chose not to dispute our claim, and agreed to our request that they remove the entire photo series.  

Now, when you open the link, all you see is the headline.

We’d like to thank IPSO for their assistance.

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