UKMW prompts correction, via Twitter, to Evening Standard claim on Gaza ‘occupation’

Following our Twitter exchange with an Evening Standard journalist, an extremely misleading claim about the 'occupation' of Gaza was corrected.

Earlier today, we prompted a correction to an extremely misleading claim in the Evening Standard.   

The article (‘This is my country’: Cambridge University bans Arabic students travelling to Palestine amid fear of deportation by Israeli security, Oct. 22), by Martin Coulter, contained several questionable claims that we’re currently investigating, and one clearly misleading passage which we noted in a tweet to the journalist.

Here’s the claim:

Now here’s the exchange, which began with a Tweet to Mr. Coulter under his original Tweet of the article:

Here’s his reply:

In response to his question, we cited language about Gaza’s status used in a 2016 CAMERA prompted correction in the LA Times.

Mr. Coulter then revised the article, taking into account the wording in the LA Times correction we cited. Here’s the revised passage:

We commend the Evening Standard journalist for his openness and professionalism in responding positively to our complaint and making the necessary correction. 

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