For the sixth time in less than two years, UK Media Watch has prompted a correction at Times of London to the false suggestion that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.  The latest example appeared in a book review published at the paper written by Justin Marozzi (Book review: Enemies and Neighbours: Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel, 1917–2017 by Ian Black, Oct. 29th).

Here’s the relevant paragraph:

We complained to editors, and received a reply confirming that it’s not their editorial policy to use Tel Aviv as an metonym for the Israeli government, and that the appropriate editor would communicate their concerns to Mr. Marozzi.

Later, we received this reply from Marozzi, in response to our Tweet from yesterday alerting him to the error.

Today, the correction appeared. Here’s the new language.

Though we of course commend Times of London editors for making the correction, it really is quite remarkable that so many of their contributors and journalists committed such an error in the first place.

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