UKMW prompts Guardian correction on claim Israel ‘banned’ Arab parties

A Guardian editorial claimed that Israel has 'banned' Arab political parties. In fact, as we noted in a complaint to editors, though there was, in 2009, a decision by the Israel Central Elections Committee to bar two Israeli Arab parties due to allegations they supported terrorism, the Israeli Supreme Court overturned the 'ban' only two weeks later, before it could go into effect.  The Guardian upheld our complaint and issued a correction.

It’s not at all surprising that a viciously anti-Israel Guardian editorial on the anniversary of Balfour (The Guardian view on Israel and Palestine: escape the past, Nov. 1) included several distortions – including one outright falsehood, which we tweeted about here:

The link embedded in the word “banned”, in the Guardian editorial, takes you to a BBC article from January 2009, which notes a decision by the Israel Central Elections Committee to bar two Israeli Arab parties (United Arab List-Ta’al and Balad) from running in the following month’s election.  The ban was prompted by allegations that the parties supported terrorism. 

However, as BBC (and other news outlets) reported two weeks later, the Israeli Supreme Court promptly overturned the ban before it could go into effect.  

We followed up our tweet with an email to editors.

A couple of days later, we learned that our complaint was upheld. 

The sentence now reads:

Some political parties from their community have been banned until the supreme court overturned the ban

The correction reads


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