BBC journalist Tweets inaccurate portrayal of Gaza riots

BBC journalist touts 'largely peaceful Gaza protests'.

As anyone who has been following the ‘Great Return March’ agitprop will be aware, the six weekly instalments (to date) of that publicity stunt organised by Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip have included stone-throwing, shooting and tyre burning, the use of petrol bombs, incendiary kites and IEDs, attempts to sabotage the border fence and attempts to infiltrate Israeli territory.

The phrase ‘largely peaceful’ is therefore hardly the most accurate term that could be chosen to describe the pre-planned actions of the Palestinian rioters, some of whom have already been shown to have links to terror groups.

However, that was exactly the term used by the United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF – in a statement put out on May 4th.

“Over the past five weeks, five children were killed and hundreds were injured in largely peaceful protests in Gaza.”

Despite at least one of those ‘children’ having links to Hamas (see box 25 in the appendix here) and as noted by NGO Monitor, UNICEF’s unsurprisingly partisan statement did not even mention the name of that terror organisation which co-organised the violent rioting that led to the cited deaths.

Equally unsurprising was the fact that the BBC’s US State Department correspondent, Barbara Plett Usher, chose to amplify that inaccurate description of the last six weeks’ events along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel to her 28.6 thousand Twitter followers.

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