Telegraph corrects article suggesting Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital

After dozens of corrections in media outlets throughout the world prompted by CAMERA, it’s remarkable that journalists still sometimes reference Tel Aviv in a manner suggesting that it’s Israel’s capital.  The latest example involves an article in The Telegraph by the Beirut based journalist Abbie Cheeseman (“Israeli PM reportedly holds secret talks in Saudi Arabia amid normalisation rumours”, Nov. 23) which opened with this sentence:

Following our complaint to editors, where we noted that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and the seat of government, the sentence was changed:

Though we’re glad they corrected the sentence, as is unfortunately often the case with such corrections, note that editors chose to replace “Tel Aviv” with “Israel”, instead of the more accurate “Jerusalem”.

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One reply on “Telegraph corrects article suggesting Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital”
  1. says: Grimey

    If any reader believes that the BBC made an innocent mistake (quoting Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital) then he/she needs to wake up from his/her naivety – and start to think matters through.

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