Weekend long read

1) The ITIC has documented Palestinian reactions to a story that has barely been mentioned in the British media.

“On August 22, 2022, the first international flight with Palestinians as passengers left for Cyprus from the Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport, near Eilat. The Palestinians came from Hebron and Bethlehem as well as Israelis. The flight was the first in a pilot project led by the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to allow Palestinians to leave for abroad from Israel. […]

Until now, most Palestinians who wanted to go abroad had to go to Jordan via the Allenby Crossing, east of Jericho, and fly out of the airport in Amman. The Israeli initiative was also launched because Palestinians complained of extreme congestion at the Allenby Crossing in both directions, especially during the summer months.”

2) At the Moshe Dayan Center, Shay Jovany looks at ‘Hizballah’s Narrative in the Service of Legitimizing Military Action’.

“SIMIA’s methods are an integral part of Hizballah’s campaigns against Israel and Israel’s drilling in the Karish field. Hizballah’s campaigns illustrate how it utilizes all its institutions and tools to propagate its narratives. Hizballah’s myriad institutions and units all cooperate and focus on their specific role in the promotion of disinformation to specific target audiences – TV viewers, netizens, and social media activists. Hizballah uses its many tools and methods to spread its narratives to achieve various goals: impacting Lebanese public opinion and promoting its supporters, threatening and deterring enemies, and, as of late, laying the groundwork for legitimacy for any military attack against Israel in the Karish field.”

3) The Hudson Institute addresses ‘Seven Myths about the Iran Nuclear Deal’.

“A fair-minded observer of Iran’s relations with the IAEA cannot but conclude that Tehran has never wavered from its intention to build a nuclear weapons capability and that its publicly declared “civilian” nuclear activities are an effort to hide its nuclear bomb program in plain sight. From the very inception of the JCPOA, however, the deal’s supporters have spun myths that disguise these self-evident truths.”

4) At the National Interest, Toby Dershowitz discusses media responsibility in light of Hamas reporting restrictions.

“Has the media been complying with Hamas’ rules of the road for decades but left reporting of its unspoken agreement with the Iran-funded organization on the cutting room floor? What do publications owe their readers about recent coverage of the conflict and about past coverage?”

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