Telegraph takes “cycle of violence” cliché to another level

An article in the Saturday, Jan. 28th print edition of the Telegraph about the deadly Palestinian terror attack on Friday included a strap line attempting to tie together two completley unrelated events.


The headline’s reference to the vandalising of Palestinain cafes was culled from the following sentence in the 10th paragraph of the article:

Earlier yesterday, young Israeli men were filmed vandalising Palestinian cafés in Jerusalem’s Old City, as the United States called for a swift end to a “cycle of violence” in the Holy Land. The youths, carrying Israeli flags, entered the Christian quarter and began harassing residents and tourists, according to a statement by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian attack, near a synagogue in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood of Jeusalem on Shabbat, killed seven Israeli civilians, including a child, and wounded three others.  The vandalism by Jewish extremists in Jerusalem’s Christian quarter a day earlier resulted in no reported injuries, and lasted around five minutes.

It’s incomprehensible how editors could impute any sort of connection between the harrasment and vandalism targeting Armenian Christians in the Old City and the mass murder of Jews outside a synagogue.

Though other outelts have attempted to tie Friday’s antisemtic terror attack to the IDF’s anti-terror operation against an Islamic Jihad cell in Jenin on Thursday, the Telegraph takes facile narratives about “cycles of violence”, and efforts to downplay Palestinian terror by use of spurious correlations, to a whole other level.

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