Weekend long read

1) NGO Monitor discusses ‘Human Rights Watch’ and antisemitism.

“In 2003, Human Rights Watch (HRW) committed to “bring problems of anti-Semitism into the overall human rights discourse.” However, for the past 20 years, HRW has taken the opposite direction by failing to contribute meaningfully to ending hatred of and attacks against Jewish people. Indeed, as shown in a systematic review of HRW’s output since 2003, HRW has consistently opposed and obstructed meaningful initiatives to combat antisemitism.”

2) At the JCPA, Yoni Ben Menachem analyses ‘The Significance of the Latest IDF Operation in Jericho’.

“Hamas will try to hijack the city of Jericho and other cities such as Qalqilya and Tulkarm in its effort to provoke a new armed intifada against Israel. Smuggled weapons are flowing into the West Bank at an increasing rate through the border with Jordan and Israel’s security forces are finding it difficult to stop the phenomenon.

Hamas sources see the city of Jericho as of strategic importance because of its proximity to Jerusalem and the border with Jordan. Hamas plans to turn it into the southern terrorist capital of the West Bank, just as Islamic Jihad turned Jenin into the northern West Bank terrorist capital.”

2) At the Fathom Journal, Calev Ben-Dor looks at ‘The geopolitics of Israel’s natural gas fields’.

“Russia’s energy weaponisation forced Europe into a dilemma. How to break reliance on Moscow, invest in clean energy options and not cause hyper-inflation and high prices for its citizens over the winter? Ultimately the EU chose to prioritise short-term survival (i.e. importing natural gas despite its ‘non-greenness’) over its longer term plan to transition towards clean energy. Within this short-term window the Eastern Mediterranean can provide solutions.”

4) Jonathan Spyer gives his view of the recent visit to the Middle East by the US Secretary of State.

“Global events with regard to Iran are moving in Israel’s direction.  Once western diplomats would listen sympathetically to Israel’s expressions of concern, while privately concluding that this was not their country’s problem.  Not any more. Iran’s assistance to and support of the Russian war effort in Ukraine, and the emergent strategic axis which it reflects, have changed this picture.  Efforts to ban the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the EU and the UK showcase the extent to which Israel’s long war against the Iranian regime is increasingly located within the western consensus.”

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