No BBC follow-up on Jordan MP gun smuggling story

Last month the BBC News website published a report about the arrest of a Jordanian MP at the Allenby Bridge border crossing in which it found fit to promote the following quote from one of his colleagues:

“A prominent Jordanian MP who is opposed to Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel, Khalil Atiya, said Israel’s arrest of Mr Adwan “harm[ed] the dignity of Jordanians”.”

Some two weeks after his arrest on April 22nd, Imad al-Adwan was returned to Jordan. According to reports in the Jordanian media, his parliamentary immunity was removed and he will apparently stand trial in Jordan.

As reported by the Israeli media, the ISA released a statement providing further details of the case.

“The Shin Bet security agency said MP Imad al-Adwan, detained at the Allenby Bridge border crossing on April 22, was handed over to Jordanian authorities for “further investigation and prosecution.”

Al-Adwan was caught with 194 handguns and 12 assault rifles at the Allenby crossing as he was heading into the West Bank by car.

According to the Shin Bet investigation, al-Adwan had smuggled various types of contraband into the West Bank 12 times starting in February 2022. The illegal goods included birds, electronic cigarettes, and gold.

This year, al-Adwan smuggled firearms into Israel several times before being caught in April, the Shin Bet said.

The investigation found that al-Adwan carried out the smuggling using his diplomatic passport, and was receiving “large sums of money.” His motives were financial, and not related to Palestinian nationalism, according to the investigation.

Jordanian authorities detained a number of suspects in Jordan who were involved in the smuggling, the Shin Bet said.” [emphasis added]

Remarkably, the BBC News website has not published any follow-up reporting, meaning that what remains online as ‘permanent public record’ is a story about Israel having “harm[ed] the dignity of Jordanians” by arresting a man whom BBC audiences have not been informed was a serial gun smuggler.

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  1. says: Neil C

    Another example of the BBC changing historical records. Refusing to print the truth, omitting the obvious indeed printing anything to make Israel seem bad in the eyes of the rest of the Islamic world. How the BBC can still continue blowing their own trumpet in their claims of impartiality in their reporting is the biggest joke of this century. To the Jewish population of the world that are outnumbered 1000:1 by Muslims this is just another example of Islamic deception of the population by a corporation that has been hijacked by a fanatical ideology, an ideology that allows deception of the infidel for the furtherment of Islam. #defundthebbc

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